Target Markets:

Our initial target market is small to medium-sized organisations operating solely on the island of Ireland.

Organisations with a maximum of 100 employees or staff are classified as small to medium-sized. However this limit may be applied at the discretion of the Analigner® Partnership.

Licenses to convert the methodology into a software-based system will be granted on a county by county basis across our island.


The methodology is written in English, delivered in e-Book form, and subject to UK, Ireland, and international copyright laws.


The total annual multi-user license fee is currently:

£520 (GBP) for organisations based in Northern Ireland, and

€ 624 (EUR) for those based in the Republic of Ireland.

As an educational product in e-Book form, it is not currently subject to VAT in either jurisdiction.

If you are a senior or major player in your organisation, please contact-us to request a promotional copy of our e-Book.