Analigner® in Education:

For the first time in our history, super-computers can acquire and apply human information and skills on a global scale. Modern computer hardware and software now enable capture of vast amounts of electronic data, and data processing at breakneck speed. In the not too distant future, this new reality could cause major problems for educationalists. For example, using the Internet and super-computers, global technology companies could provide a curriculum as a number of electronic models for each chosen subject, and sell them to governments as the means to significantly reducing the costs and resources needed to run state-education systems.

Current educationalists can reduce the risk of this occurring by jointly building their own curricular models, and therefore negating the need to buy from others.

Analigner is a modern modelling methodology for the use of educationalists working in collaboration with others for the common good.

If you are a principal or head of department in a secondary school or college on the island of Ireland, please contact-us to request a promotional copy of our e-Book.